Operation Zulu

Sometimes the battles are within. Help protect our heroes.


Operation Zulu is a campaign to support organizations that provide mental health advocation and/or services for our military, law enforcement, healthcare workers and first responders. This event raises funds through t-shirt sales as well as direct donations for various charities (501c);

-Cohens Veteran’s Network

-Mission 22

-Hidden Battles

-Survive First

If you would like to make a donation directly to the campaign, please visit our donations page.

Campaign runs annually from 1 May to Veterans Day

Support Operation Zulu

“You are more precious to this world than you'll ever know."

- Lili Rhinehart

From Our CEO, Jessie Virga

As a veteran, first responder, and former healthcare worker I have my own intimate understanding of the internal battle many face as a part of their service. I know that everyone's struggle is different and I empathize with you. Your service is invaluable. Words cannot describe how much we at MB Fitness appreciate you. You are the backbone of our country.

Mental health services are so important and while there are resources available, we are still losing our comrades to these internal battles. I knew we needed to do more so I launched Operation Zulu in 2022.

You do so much for our country, you deserve all of our support. It is my hope that Operation Zulu can help us provide that support.

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