Not A Pre Workout. A Pre EVERYTHING.

What is Mission Ready?

This unique combination of ingredients (trademark pending), has created a unique segment in the performance category. Not a pre workout, not quite a nootropic, not exactly a gut health supplement; but the best of all of those things.

  • ​Electrolytes, vitamins and nutrients for power and immediate recovery,
  • ​A variety of nootropics to clear the brain fog, provide energy, focus and cognition even under stressful situations
  • ​Components to boost absorption and balance the gut microbiome, your second brain.

The Mission

Hi! I'm Dr. Jessie Virga, DBA, PhD. I come from humble beginnings growing up in the South Bronx, NY. At 10 years old I witnessed the 9/11 attacks from my middle school classroom which set me on the path to serve and protect. After 8 honorable years of service in the U.S. Navy, I continued my lifelong call to service. I joined the local Mountain Search & Rescue Unit and also volunteer with the local Sheriff Patrol. Now, I continue that call to service with Valkyrie Nutrition.First responders are required to be at peak physical condition and optimal cognitive performance. This task is not always easy and tends to take a serious toll on our overall health. We reach for the sugary energy drinks, pre workout powders, dense nootropic supplements, or anything we can get our hands on that will allow us to complete the mission. I experienced this in the military and it continues even now as a veteran.

The Vision

What do first responders reach for when we need to head into the field, help a family in need, run into the fire, and save a life? I wanted to create something to answer this call. We run into danger with tanks on "Empty." Even though we train for this and do this extremely well; after 1, 2, 5 or 30 years of service, our bodies degrade and just can't keep up. We retire and spend the last few years of our lives trying to recover from decades of sacrifice. From law enforcement officers, fire fighters, paramedics, doctors and nurses, or anyone who needs to be their absolute best; both inside and out, Mission Ready answers THAT call. Simply put, the vision is to provide a healthy option for first responders (or anyone) who needs a boost without the crash and without the brain fog.

Starting a brand new product costs a lot of money (like.. a lot).

I've already invested much more into this mission/project than the funding goal - I'm both financially and mentally dedicated. With the funds raised in this campaign, Pre Work will move onto the next phase of design which consists of:

  • ​Product - Move from product development to product production. Starting with a small first order (deposit already self-funded).
  • Warehouse fees - Storage for Pre Work and merchandise
  • If the goal is surpassed, the additional funds will be used to purchase more inventory and upfront pick & pack fees.